Regular Vendors

These vendors often show up to the Bird Fairs and/or Exotic Pet Fairs! This is not the entire list of vendors, however! There are MANY more, filling 45-100 tables at the fairs depending on venue!
To check if they will be at the next fair, please contact me at

JSA Reptiles, LLC

Name: Sheena Atkinson
Location: Anoka, Minnesota
Breeder of: Ball Pythons and have recently started working with Carpet Pythons also.
About: “Focusing on healthy Ball Pythons, because they're our pets too!”
Facebook Page: JSA Reptiles

Playland Junction
Names & Location: Sally Adams, Minnesota
About: “We sell products that we believe every bird needs, including swings, tubes, cuddle rings, perches, food toys, Tidy Seed, Bird Street Bistro, and Crazy Corn. Watch for new items!”
Facebook Page: Playland Junction


Kyle's Reptyles

Name & Location: Kyle Schrandt; Baldwin, WI
Breeder of: Ball Pythons
Facebook page: Kyle's Reptyles

Furry and Feathered Friends

Name & Location: Jean Buehl, Minnesota
Breeder of: Quaker Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Doves, Button Quail, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, rats, plus various reptiles.
About: “I can get a wide variety of pets from friends! ;) I am also USDA licensed.“

Joe the Seed Guy

Name: Joe Senko
Location: Minnesota
Breeder of: Zebra, Society, and Gouldian Finches
About: “Providing seed for most cage birds”

Ryan's Reptile Outpost

Name: Ryan Dahlen
Location: Minnesota
Breeder of: Crested and gargoyle geckos
About: “I breed and sell geckos locally.”
Website: Ryan's Reptile Outpost
Facebook Page: Ryan's Reptile Outpost

Grossboy Exotics

Name & Location: Brad Benike; Waterloo, Wisconsin
Breeder of: Several colors and combinations of ball pythons & pacman frogs.
About: We carry a full line of frozen rodents including mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and also small chicks. I also supply many colubrids including rat snakes, corns, milk and kingsnakes, and Kenyan sand boas. We also carry frogs, bearded dragons, iguanas, monitor lizards, various other lizards and tortoises. Preorders on frozen rodents for the  show receive a 5% discount if received by Thursday before the show.
Facebook Page: Grossboy Exotics Contact: 608-333-5898
Our stock is always changing! If you're looking for something I don't have I can usually find it.

Mpls Reptiles

Name: Karsten Mikeworth
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Breeder of: Snakes, lizards, fuzzies, and spiders
About: “We are a private breeder that breeds specifically for personal pets and for other breeders. We see clients by appointment.”
Facebook Page: Mpls Reptiles

Wyspur Creations

Name: Wyspur Kallis
Richfield, Minnesota
About: “Professional Parrot Toy Maker. Wyspurcreations is a one wing operation making toys one at a time for the safe entertainment and enjoyment of your parrot.”


Minnesota Herpetological Society

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
About: “The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization open to anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles.”
Facebook page: Minnesota Herpetological Society

Fire n' Ice Geckos

Name and Location: Ben & Brenda Howard; Bismarck, ND
Breeder of: Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Chewies, African Fat Tails, Velvet Geckos, and various others.
About: “We've been breeding reptiles for 6 years now and own a reptile specialty store in Bismarck. It is our passion to produce and provide beautiful and healthy animals to others in the community. ”
Website: Facebook page: Fire n' Ice Geckos


Snakess n Lizzards
Name and Location: Kenny & Mary Evans; Pawnee City, NE
Breeder of: Colubrids (corns, kings, rats, gophers) leopard geckos, feeder rodents.
About: "We get people started right with the right animal, and we encourage questions about their proper care whether they were purchased from us or not. Actively breeding reptiles since 2002 we are happy to share our experience with the community. We also stock a variety of products we know work and are harder to find in your typical pet shop but important for the species we work with."
Facebook page: Snakess n Lizzards Website:

Triton Newts
Name and Location: Bradley Wilson; St. Paul, MN
Breeder of: Exotic Newts
Website: "Providing healthy captive bred pet newt and salamanders from all over the world."
Facebook page: Triton Newts

crested gecko

ReptiPet Crested Geckos
Name and Location: Kevin Cory; Faribault, MN
Breeder of: Crested Geckos, pinstripes, Quadstripes and Harleys. recently started producing high quality reds.
Facebook page: ReptiPet Crested Geckos


Sheets Zoo
Name & Location: Green Isle, Minnesota
Breeder of: Various Praying Mantis species, exotic cockroaches, feeder insects, and more! Like our Facebook page!
Facebook Page: Sheets Zoo



hedgehog breeder
Hedgehog Cove
Name & Location: Leela Schwoch; Strum, WI
Breeder of: African Pygmy Hedgehogs
About: "We are a family owned and operated hobby farm, dedicated to excellent husbandry of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We have been actively breeding for three years and have an amazing lineage established. All of our hedgehogs are carefully selected for pairing based on temperament and coloration to ensure the highest quality hoglets!"
Facebook Page: Hedgehog Cove

hedgehog breeder
Name & Location: Devin & April, Sioux Falls SD
Breeder of: Feeders, and various exotics (snakes, lizards, inverts, and bengal cats)
About: "We started as a rescue over a decade ago and got so big that we needed to start wholesale ordering supplies and it just grew into a passion and business!"
Facebook Page: Fangnfur

Website:, Email