Regular Vendors

These Vendors often show up to the Bird Fairs and/or Exotic Pet Fairs! This is not the entire list of vendors, however! There are MANY more, filling 45-65 tables at the fairs depending on venue!
To check if they will be at the next fair, please contact me at

Aunt B’s Birds
Name & Location: Bonnie Faas, Iowa
Breeder of: African Greys (Congos and Timnehs), Solomon Island Eclectus, Hahns Macaws, Quakers, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, and Gouldian Finches.
About: “I have bred birds for 18 years. I hand feed and tame them with a lot of love and affection so they are very sweet, loving birds.”

JSA Reptiles, LLC

Name: Sheena Atkinson
Location: Anoka, Minnesota
Breeder of: Ball Pythons and have recently started working with Carpet Pythons also.
About: “Focusing on healthy Ball Pythons, because they're our pets too!”
Facebook Page: JSA Reptiles

Playland Junction
Names & Location: Kent and Sally Myers, Minnesota
Breeder of: Many species, check out our website for available babies!
About: “We also sell products that we believe every bird needs, including swings, tubes, cuddle rings, perches, food toys, Tidy Seed, Bird Street Bistro, and Crazy Corn. Watch for new items!”
Facebook Page: Playland Junction


Kyle's Reptyles

Name & Location: Kyle Schrandt; Woodbury, MN
Breeder of: Ball Pythons
Facebook page: Kyle's Reptyles

Limited Edition Fancy Mice
Name: Jon H.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Breeder of: Exhibition Fancy Mice
About: "Breeder of Exhibition Fancy Mice, specializing in Siamese Satins. Our mice are handled daily from birth, fed the most nutritious diets available, and hand selected for breeding for friendliness and appearance. We actively show our mice around the country with the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association."
Facebook Page: Limited Edition Fancy Mice

Travis's Birds
Names & Location: Travis, Iowa
Breeder of: Hobby breeders of European Zebra Finches, Parakeets, English Budgies, Lineolated Parakeets, Parrotlets, Canaries, Cockatiels, Quakers, (yellows,blues,palad blue,greens), Indian Ringnecks (blues,turquoise,albino,lutino,green,silver, palid), Senegals, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures, Congo African Greys, and Macaws.
About: "All babies raised in our home-24 yrs experience in handfeeding"

Elite Maine Coons

Name & Location: Micah Nelson
Breeder of: European Maine Coons
About: We are a small family cattery. Our cats live within our home and as such our kittens are very loving and tame. European Maine coons are larger than American maine coons getting to 20# or more. All our cats are tested and negative for Hcm, sma, felv, fip, parasites. Facebook page: Elite Maine Coons
Website: Contact:

Furry and Feathered Friends

Name & Location: Jean Buehl, Minnesota
Breeder of: Quaker Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Doves, Button Quail, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, rats, plus various reptiles.
About: “I can get a wide variety of pets from friends! ;) I am also USDA licensed.“

Joe the Seed Guy

Name: Joe Senko
Location: Minnesota
Breeder of: Zebra, Society, and Gouldian Finches
About: “Providing seed for most cage birds”

Platinum Parrot/Chew Too Toys 35 Years
Location: Ham Lake, Minnesota
Breeder of: Small Parrots
About: "I have been breeding parrots since 1981 and making good quality toys at reasonable prices since 1995. I specialize in large bird toys at the fairs!"



Patchwork Willow Rabbitry
Names & Location: Abbie Olson, Ricky Anderson, Derrick Anderson; Wilson, WI
Breeder of: Netherland dwarfs and French angoras
About: “Breeding rabbits for fiber, pet, show and breed quality”

Parrot Help Bird Rescue

Name: Wendy Fortman
Location: Serving Minnesota and Wisconsin
About: “Parrot Help provides rescue and rehoming services, education and support of all bird species.”

Ryan's Reptile Outpost

Name: Ryan Dahlen
Location: Minnesota
Breeder of: Crested and gargoyle geckos
About: “I breed and sell geckos locally.”
Website: Ryan's Reptile Outpost
Facebook Page: Ryan's Reptile Outpost

Bobbie's Chinchillas

Name & Location: Bobbie Schultz; Eau Claire, WI
Breeder of: Various color varieties of chinchillas
About: Our main goal is to produce high quality chinchillas that have great temperaments and health.  We actively show our chinchillas across the U.S. to ensure that we are continuing to produce high quality chinchillas.  All babies are handled from birth, so are very well-socialized with humans.  Make sure to visit us at the fairs to see if a chinchilla would make a good pet for you!
Website: Facebook Page: Bobbie's Chinchillas

Grossboy Exotics

Name & Location: Brad Benike; Waterloo, Wisconsin
Breeder of: Several colors and combinations of ball pythons & pacman frogs.
About: We carry a full line of frozen rodents including mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and also small chicks. I also supply many colubrids including rat snakes, corns, milk and kingsnakes, and Kenyan sand boas. We also carry frogs, bearded dragons, iguanas, monitor lizards, various other lizards and tortoises. Preorders on frozen rodents for the  show receive a 5% discount if received by Thursday before the show.
Facebook Page: Grossboy Exotics Contact: 608-333-5898
Our stock is always changing! If you're looking for something I don't have I can usually find it.

Mpls Reptiles

Name: Karsten Mikeworth
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Breeder of: Snakes, lizards, fuzzies, and spiders
About: “We are a private breeder that breeds specifically for personal pets and for other breeders. We see clients by appointment.”
Facebook Page: Mpls Reptiles

JoBo Homestead

Name: JoAnna Bova
Location: Caledonia, Minnesota
Breeder of: Rex rabbits, feeder mice, and mini pigs.
About: “I deal with all pet animals, and sell frozen raw pet food and animal related crafts.”
Facebook page: JoBo Homestead

Wyspur Creations

Name: Wyspur Kallis
Richfield, Minnesota
About: “Professional Parrot Toy Maker. Wyspurcreations is a one wing operation making toys one at a time for the safe entertainment and enjoyment of your parrot.”


Minnesota Herpetological Society

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
About: “The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization open to anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles.”
Facebook page: Minnesota Herpetological Society

Fire n' Ice Geckos

Name and Location: Ben & Brenda Howard; Bismarck, ND
Breeder of: Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Chewies, African Fat Tails, Velvet Geckos, and various others.
About: “We've been breeding reptiles for 6 years now and own a reptile specialty store in Bismarck. It is our passion to produce and provide beautiful and healthy animals to others in the community. ”
Website: Facebook page: Fire n' Ice Geckos

Red Wing Reptiles
Name: Elizabeth Sargent
Red Wing, Minnesota
Breeder of: Corns, kings, ball pythons, burms
Facebook page: Red Wing Reptiles

Silver Knight Sugar Gliders
Name and Location: Micah Nelson
Breeder of: Sugar Gldiers
Website: "SKSG has been breeding and educating since 2008. We provide happy, healthy, tame sugar gliders to families. We have one of the most up to date comprehensive care websites available. We are a well known breeder with 100% adoption satisfaction. We've never had a unhappy family."
Facebook page: Silver Knight Sugar Gliders

Gecko Nutz
Name and Location: Mike Nutzmann; New Richmond, WI
Breeder of: Leopard geckos & Crested geckos
About: "For Leo's I'll be focusing on my "W&Y Mack Snow Raptor" project, and continue with my Super Dalmatian Cresties. I will also on occasion carry feeder insects and dermestid beetles (used as CuC)."
Facebook page: Gecko Nutz

Jordan's Bettas
Name and Location: Jordan Peterson; Hastings, MN
Breeder of: Bettas, many other aquatic species, soon to be reptiles.
About: "I have always had an extreme passion for fish and started fish keeping when I was 13, breeding at 14, and then opened my business at age 15."
Facebook page: Jordan's Bettas

M&M Cage Company

Name: Mark and Marjori Schack; Milwaukee Wisconsin
Breeder of: Canaries and finches
About: “Manufacturer of cage accessories for bird breeders and bird pet owners. Our products include cage lights and lighting systems for bird cages, automated watering system, and a bird feeder cage accessory.”

Snakess n Lizzards
Name and Location: Kenny & Mary Evans; Pawnee City, NE
Breeder of: Colubrids (corns, kings, rats, gophers) leopard geckos, feeder rodents.
About: "We get people started right with the right animal, and we encourage questions about their proper care whether they were purchased from us or not. Actively breeding reptiles since 2002 we are happy to share our experience with the community. We also stock a variety of products we know work and are harder to find in your typical pet shop but important for the species we work with."
Facebook page: Snakess n Lizzards Website:

Triton Newts
Name and Location: Bradley Wilson; St. Paul, MN
Breeder of: Exotic Newts
Website: "Providing healthy captive bred pet newt and salamanders from all over the world."
Facebook page: Triton Newts

crested gecko

ReptiPet Crested Geckos
Name and Location: Kevin Cory; Faribault, MN
Breeder of: Crested Geckos, pinstripes, Quadstripes and Harleys. recently started producing high quality reds.
Facebook page: ReptiPet Crested Geckos