Bird, Reptile, and Small Pet Grooming

We also provide grooming services for birds, small mammals and reptiles right at the fairs! Please provide a clean towel for handling your pet while grooming. Preferably one you don't mind holes getting chewed into if it's for a bird ;) All birds must be brought in a travel carrier.

Prices range from $5-25 depending on the type of pet, and includes everything you'd like done- wings, nails, and beak if necessary. Here is the breakdown for birds:

Finches, parakeets, parrotlets, and similar: $7
Conures and similar: $15
Amazons, African greys, small-medium cockatoos, mini macaws and similar: $20
Mollucan cockatoos and large macaws: $25

Small Mammals and Reptiles, including guinea pigs, lizards, etc: Prices range from $5-15 depending on the type and size of pet.

To Schedule a Grooming Appointment at a Fair, Please Contact me at

"We've had Ed and Emily as our groomers for years for our macaws and cockatoo. They simply are the best! Always available and accommodating. Our cockatoo has bonded with Ed more than anybody else and Emily, what can you say about her. She would try and do almost anything for you (just make sure you have some sweets for her)" -David, grooming client (He knows my weakness for chocolate, haha!)

Bird Grooming Q&A

How do I know if my bird's nails are too long?

Place your bird on a flat surface. If his nails are long enough to push the pad of his toe off the surface, then they need to be trimmed. Keeping nails at the proper length helps prevent them from getting caught in things and possibly causing injury. I know of several birds that have lost toes because they were too long and got caught in a rope toy, thus cutting off circulation to the toe.

Does clipping my bird's wings hurt him?

Not in the slightest. Think of it as a haircut- it doesn't hurt, but it grows back. The only time clipping wings hurts is when it's done improperly and a pin feather (a new feather that's still growing and has blood flow to it) is clipped. That's why we look over all of the wing feathers first to make sure they are completely grown in before we clip any. If we see a pin feather, we usually leave a full grown feather on each side of it intact to "cushion" the pin feather so it isn't sticking out and vulnerable to getting broken.

Should I trim my bird's wings?

That decision is completely up to you. I recommend it for birds that you're trying to tame as it will make them rely on you more in order to move from place to place, helping them bond with and trust you. Additionally, some birds get "cocky" when able to fly, and when you try to pick them up they just simply fly away because they don't want to go back in their cage. I've also had a cockatiel in the past who became aggressive and would divebomb me when his flight feathers grew in, but the instant I clipped his wings he turned back into his friendly, normal self. Some people believe that clipping wings causes plucking as birds don't like the feeling of the cut feathers poking against their sides. My current bird, a Blue & Gold macaw, is fully flighted because she's a bit overweight and I fly her outside (with a harness of course) to give her some extra exercise. So it really depends on the bird. Just keep in mind- the feathers will always grow back, so your bird won't lose his ability to fly forever.